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Aggression in Children

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In discussion this week we focused on if what children watch could contribute to their aggressiveness. I found this a very interesting topic because it can go either way. There is good evidence on both sides that claim whether or not aggressive and violent television shows or video games contribute to the aggressive behavior of children. Although the video we watched in discussion was compelling (how the children became significantly more violent after watching power rangers compared to barney), I would still have to side with the idea that violent television or games does not lead to overall aggressive behavior in a child. Granted, during the moment the child is participating in the violent show or game they seemed to be riled up more than normal, that sort of aggression does not last.
I believe that people want or need something to blame when a person commits a violent act so they turn to media, however, what people do not realize is that violent crime rates have actually decrease when the popularity of violent video games has increased. Also, according to an article we read this week, there is no obvious link between real world violence statistics and video games. There is also a contribution that seems to be frequently overlooked of the other factors that play into aggressive behavior aside from the media. I do not believe it is fair to place all of the blame on one solitary issue.


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