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Chapter 10

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Chapter 10 opens with a profile of a young child, with a portrait of leaves and a tree trunk splashing color onto the monochrome page; the opposite page titled human development, how and why we change. The chapter goes into depth about the complexities, stages, factors, and psychology that all develop from day one of fertilization, through the awkward stages or puberty, the difficult years of adulthood, the easy years of lazy retirement, to the day of passing on. Did you know that the human brain begins to develop a mere 18 days after fertilization? There are many things that I learned from this chapter just by glossing through the pages for a few minutes.

A few things that stood out to me were the diagrams of embryos, body parts, physical development and cute pictures of little children crying and looking happy. From what I have gathered, the majority of the chapter emphasizes the important stages of childhood, with some bolded sentences hinting at the effects of divorce and politics on children, though with roughly forty pages in this chapter, I am positive that we will be learning happier concepts as well.

All these concepts intrigued me because I have realized that there is so little that I really know about what goes on in our heads and our body, and it is so easy to take these things for granted.

How to Outsmart Your Kids With Child Psychology

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