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I started watching Say Yes to the Dress just a couple months back, and I have been very hooked ever since. Something about the pristine white dresses and the thought of marriage. The women in the show, I believe, represent a wide spectrum of brides, from the demure and conservative wife-to-be to the all out, "I'm a diva and this is my day" fiancée. Their price ranges go from affordable gowns from $1000 to extraordinarily expenses that the price is not even mentioned, or worth talking about. Point of the matter, every woman wants a dress that they will shine in, that dress that will leave their groom speechless. Of course, the groom is a very important and essential part of the whole show. Based off the episodes that I have watched, most brides seemed to have met their significant other in their own work place, showing the factor of proximity. And of course, since opposition can only attract so much, similarity is another crucial topic. Although people have some degree of differences with their significant other, I can put my money on them having more similarities. Having the same values and beliefs lays down a solid foundation from which their relationship and marriage can flourish.

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