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Let's start with a simply question. What is Psychology? Psychology is a science. It is the scientific study of our brain, mind, and behavior. In fact, human behaviors are hard to analyze and understand. Sometime we understand actions by our common sense because we tend to believe in naïve realism--what we see around the world is true. To deal with this confusion, scientist will establish theory by observe, set hypotheses, and testing to explain and address the behaviors.


However, scientists may have biases too. For example, confirmation bias and belief perseverance In addition, it is also hard to distinguish between real science and pseudoscience which means claims that look science, but in fact it is not. We like to create pseudoscience because there are apophenia and pareidolia. Finding connection among unrelated phenomena and find connection in different images.

To be able to distinguish psychological fact, we should be critical thinker and in the textbook, there are six scientific thinking principles to help us determine which one is a fact and which one is not.

Time goes on and there are different debates on psychology. The most recent one is called Nature-Nurture Debate. Which means nature and nurture works together to affect and explain human behavior.

Yes, it is true that learning about Psychology is hard and complicate, but it is FUN to learn.

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