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Yoga, the invisible killer?

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For a long time, yoga is my favorite way to keep slim and healthy. However, days ago I saw an article on a Chinese website and claimed that yoga was an invisible killer which would cause invisible harm to our body. I was shocked.
However, was the claim true? Or was yoga evaluated in an unscientific way?
In the article "Yoga can damage your body", the author said that a lot of people, including some yoga teachers, used to get injured while doing yoga. She claims that some yoga positions are actually harmful. Her evidence is the story of Naomi Harris, who used to have a really good time with yoga, yet was harmed by yoga.
In the second article "Is yoga really bad for you? Om, not sure." The author claimed that harm that is caused by yoga is due to bad ways of practicing. "Yoga is a tool", and misuse of any kind of tool will cause damage.
The final article "Is yoga bad for your health?" tells the similar thing. The author claims that people who do yoga should always listen to their body to reach the goal of practice.
Comparing the three articles, the claim of the first article seems pretty invalid. The evidence of Naomi isn't really supportive the claim that yoga is harmful because Naomi came to the conclusion that her harm was due to too much yoga practice. Just as the second article said, the misuse of a tool couldn't prove that the tool was actually bad. On the other hand, Article #1 doesn't put any other valid evidence to support the claim. This contradict the principle that is called replicability because no scientific study have reported the same finding.

Yoga can damage your body

Is yoga really bad for you? Om, not sure:

Is yoga bad for your health?

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