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There are two things for sure that I will remember. One is nature V. nurture and the second is correlation V. causation.
When it comes to nature V. nurture I will remember that they both play an important role in everything. For example when it comes to children and their behaviors it could be a result from both nature and nurture. Meaning biological and the environmental conditions could have played a role.
Correlation V. causation has me think about things and how they could have a correlation but not be the cause of each other. When two things happen at the same time it does not mean one causes the other and this concept tries to prove this fact.
I will remember many other things I have learned in this class but these two are the ones I feel like I catch myself using the most. I like all the sleep cycles and the freudian beliefs too.


Emotional Darwin

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Darwin believed that emotions were adapted over time. His researched proved that even people who were blind showed the same type of facial expressions as others, when they were feeling a certain way. Darwin had 3 principles. The first are the habits that are inherited to kids by their parents, habits that we come up with, and the last principle is when we have nervous discharges. He also wanted to prove that humans and animals had similar expressions. I thought this was a really interesting topic. I have always thought of emotions as just being there. I was born and raised in a different country and moving to America I did notice many different forms of communication that people had amongst themselves here. I guess when you are born and raised in the same country you never really notice these cues unless you travel and see others use theirs. Thumbs up: was one of the things that we did not use back in Iran. Showing peace with your hand was another thing I was not really used to seeing. There are many minor things that can be learned really fast when you travel and thinking about it now I don't really remember what things were new to me. They all seem very natural now.



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