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Conditioned Responses

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When I look back on this class in five years, I will have many thoughts and feelings about what i learned, but the one concept that will stick in my mind is how we learn. I remember reading the chapter on learning and being interested in how our brain takes in information. The thing that I will remember the most is Pavolv's dogs. I was amazed at the fact he was able to get the conditioned response of the dogs salivating at the sound of a bell. The most interesting part that I read was the story of little Albert. I think it's interesting to see that we can make people afraid of certain objects because they remind us of something else. Stimulus generalization little Albert showed was interesting to me because he grew a fear of anything that resembled a rat. This got me wondering whether we can get people to become afraid of completely random things like a microwave or a cell phone.
Now as the semester comes to an end and this class is over, I will always remember how can develop feelings about things for no reason whatsoever. And if someone asks me about psych 1001, I will tell them about those experiments.

What influences our IQ

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Think about in television shows and movies where there is an impoverished kid who accomplishes great things. There characters are portrayed as inspirations because they are not supposed to contain high intelligences because of their unfortunate situations. However, is socioeconomic status really that influential in determining one's IQ and future success?
Psychologists have been trying for decades to see if there is an effect on IQ based on if the person is in poverty or not. In the 1970's, Arthur Jensen observed children in a poor part of rural Georgia and saw that there was a cumulative deficit. Over time, these children were reported to have a steady decrease in IQ by 1.5 points each year. They believed that because they were in a poor area, they couldn't develop intellectually compared to those in better learning environments. Another possible reason for this decrease in IQ was their lack of an adequate nutrition. I was surprised to discover that nutrition can influence one's IQ. I have to wonder though, whether these numbers are really caused by nutrition and socioeconomic status, and not some other factor.

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