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chapter 5. Conciousness

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Dream has always been one of the most fascinating subjects for me.
We have gone through extraordinary incidents related to dreams such as deja vu, sleepwalking, or night terror. Dreaming as well as sleeping for that matter is a part of everyday life cycle, yet it is still unveiled in some level. This is why it gets more interesting.
This chapter shows what occurs during sleeping, which theory explains why people dream and how mysterious experiences like hypnosis function. Regarding the dream theory, Sigmund Freud, world-renowned psychologist, illustrated dreams as the guardians of sleep. Also, there are two theories of hypnosis introduced--sociocognitive theory and dissociation theory.
Aside from 'unconsciousness', this chapter is dedicated to talk about consciousness and drugs. The fine line between abuse and physical dependence is noteworthy. In addition, the actual substances that vastly influence on our consciousness, in the end people get to be dependent on, - including depressant, stimulant, etc-are intriguing part to cover.

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