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Bilingual Kids

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Bilingual education is becoming more popular in the United States. However some people do not believe that it is a good use of young students time. One of the disadvantages people see is that children will be too busy learning both languages to master one or the other. The addition of a second language will work against the success of their education. Adults also believe their bilingual children might become isolated from other children for speaking another language, and might even be teased for it. Also, if the child has any sort of speech impediment, learning a foreign language will make the impediment more difficult to fix. Instead of fixing the impediment first, it will have to be addressed individually through each language.

However, with all these disadvantages to teach children to speak a foreign language too early, some people still have reason to believe it is useful for the children in the long run. If kids learn a second language at a young age, they will realize the importance of understanding language and the purpose of education. Learning another language will help children to learn even more languages with more easy and will more easily be able to become fluent. Being fluent in multiple languages opens up more jobs in the future and are better able to feel for cultural differences and peculiarities of the world. Finally, by learning another language, children will have greater comprehension with grammatical structures and will enhance their vocabulary.

So what do you think? Is teaching children a second language at a young age a good thing for their future, or a road block in their current education?

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