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Chapter 4 gives the reader some explanations of how we sense and perceive things from our environment by a connected relationship of the brain and nervous system, a look at the possibility of ESP, and some interesting findings in this area as well.

I Know everyone has heard the words sensation and perception but have you ever really known what they actually mean or how to describe them? The text defines both of these words in an interesting way as sensation is the detection of physical energy by our eyes nose mouth etc. which then gets relayed to the brain. Perception on the other hand is the brains interpretation of the information, which can in some cases lead to differences in the actual sensation, as demonstrated in the above picture that contains both an image of an old woman and a young lady.

The Chapter also delves into different types of perception such as ESP and defines its possible types even with the hard times researchers have studying these claims. Some other experiences the book covers are matters of seeing numbers as colors, and tasting words. The connection of Sense and Perception is amazing and still yet fully defined and this chapter serves as a good introduction to the topic.

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