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Final Blog!

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I guess for me the one concept that we have learned about that will stick with me in 5 years from now is going to be on memory and how we store information. Knowing things like the recency effect and how that affects memory will be helpful in tasks I need to complete in everyday life even if its as simple as going to the grocery store and getting food I can use the tecnique we used to make the objects fit into a story to be better remembered. So many more things we interesting to me but that stuck out as most valuable for me.


The Paris Syndrome

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While reading a blog from last week about a student of ours who had come to America after living in their native land for years to notice how we have ways of doing things that may seem normal to us but are not common practice in the rest of the world I was interested about that and while reading up on the topic I came across an article on the Paris Syndrome. Basically this is a mental disorder that has been found to be exclusive to Japanese tourists in Paris when they come to find out their perfect view they have of the city portrayed in movies is false when they are confronted with its hustle and bustle and rude people they may encounter. It is common for the culture because they come from a strong background of respecting authority figures to respect others even if in a case of severe disagreement as was mentioned in the book and lecture which leads to a build up of frustration and anger and this can lead to a mental breakdown. The Japanese embassy there has a hotline just for this case apparently. Anyways it struck me as interesting so I figured I'd share it with

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