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I just read about Lawrence Kohlberg's morality stuff, and this guy really pushes my buttons. Morality is COMPLETELY subjective. What is considered moral in one culture may be completely immoral in another, and things that an "enlightened" society think of as moral might merely be a pipe-dream due to their clouded way of thinking.

I think one of the problems with our society today is people being overly sympathetic and then trying to also be overly moral. Is it moral to allow someone to die due to their own stupidity? And I mean not ignorance, for surely if someone does not know any better letting them do something stupid would be unfair. Society believes that letting people climb Mount Everest is a choice we can let them make, yet it's morally wrong to let adults decide if they want to wear a seat belt or not.

Is the use of this copyrighted image moral? Well I wouldn't care if others used it had I made it, so it must be moral.

Now we have "universal healthcare" in the name of morality. Now, will being a smoker or being fat be immoral, because they are literally costing me tax money to pay for their inevitable health care? So every time I see a fat person, I now have the moral grounds to get up in their face about losing weight, because they are costing me money to save them when they have a heart attack?

I think moral enlightenment comes when one can truly look at a situation through every involved party's perspective; only then will one be truly thinking outside the box.

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