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As a Child Psychology major, it is hard to place more importance on one aspect of psychology over another. So much of what I have read in the text and heard in lecture applies to my major in one way or another that to forget any of it would be unwise. But from a purely leisurely standpoint, I will remember best the different forms of conditioning. Conditioning is responsible for many of the negative behaviors children perform, and conditioning can be used to in something like ABA therapy to "cure" autism. Parents of children with ODD inadvertently reinforce negative behaviors, and through behavioral therapy, families can be taught to get along better. I'd also like to help children who are having difficulty with their peers, and using operant conditioning and behavioral therapy can solve that dilemma as well.
Conditioning can also be used to modify the behaviors of: pets, yourself, coworkers, your boss, your annoying neighbor, your girlfriend/ boyfriend, and many more! The ability to subtly control everyone could be quite evil useful. That is the thing I will remember most, and try to apply to my everyday life.

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