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Sneaky Ring Tones

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The "Teen Buzz" is a ringtone that can supposedly only be heard by people under 30. The ringtone can also be called the mosquito because it honestly is as annoying as a mosquito. When I first heard about this ringtone I thought it was a joke until I used it on my parents. My poor father was a mess when he realized that he couldn't hear something because of his age! On top of my parents many kids used this ringtone in high school to trick our teachers and whenever it would go off every students would wring out their ear saying "pleaseeeee, make it stop!"
My father is a very big hunter and when he heard about this ringtone, wanted to try it out on a deer. From research I know that deer can hear higher frequencies than humans so although my father never did the test (he is REALLY bad at technology) I think it would have come up with interesting results. My prime example of deer having better hearing than humans was during my first hunting adventure. My father and I were hunkered down in a snow bank when about 150 yards away a deer came out. My initial reaction was to whisper to my father that I saw a deer. The deer immediately looked up and ran. Maybe I was too young and indeed talked a lot longer than I should but I am pretty sure no human would have ever been able to hear what I had said!

Look at those big things! Those better work better than mine...

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