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Super Sonic Senses

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"Teen Buzz" is a high-pitched frequency that adults cannot hear. I find this very interesting because I never realized that hearing changes drastically as you age. "Teen Buzz" has been used in various different ways against teenagers. For example, in Spain, the police has been having a hard time getting teens not to drink in public and they use the noise to keep them from hanging out for too long in public parks. However, some youngsters have also been using the noise to their advantage. For example, some kids have been setting their text message noise to the "Teen Buzz" so that teachers cannot hear it when their phones go off in class.
Something else that I find very interesting is imagining what it would be like to have the same sense of hearing as dogs. Similar to that of teenagers, dogs have the ability to hear very high-pitched noises. Many sounds that humans cannot hear at all are heard by dogs and can explain why dogs hear certain whistles and humans do not.
In addition to super-sonic hearing, some people also have certain abilities that differ from the range of normal human sensory adaptation. For example, there are some people who are "super-tasters" and are more sensitive to bitter and sweet tastes than the normal person. I think that being a super taster would be unpleasant because you would not be able to enjoy some delicious foods! I am so glad that I am not a super taster.4224.jpg

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