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An example of a common poorly designed object is a remote control. While it would seem that designing a remote control should be a simple task that would be perfected by now, that is not the case. The first image is an example of a poorly designed remote. The design of this remote completely ignores the sensation of vision because it has small buttons that are close to each other, which makes pausing a movie, especially when it is hard to see the buttons, which is usually the case when watching a movie, a very difficult task to quickly accomplish. A way to improve this design would be to either make the buttons bigger, move the buttons around so that finding them is easier, or do both.

bad remote.jpg

The second image is an example of a remote control that is designed in a simple way and corrects the faults of the first remote. This remote is not only much larger, but the buttons have all been moved into different sections, which makes it easier to pause movies. Another way that this remote made using it simpler was by having different shapes for different tasks, which also makes it easy to find the function that you want. The designers of this remote considered both touch and sight when creating it, which makes it very easy to use the remote.

giant remote.jpg

Here's a video of a dog that doesn't like the complicated universal remote that its owners use...

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