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Although briefly talked about in the text, Autism is an increasing problem in America. One in every one-hundred and ten kids are diagnosed with it. But there continues to be an enormous debate on the causes of it. Some believe vaccines are the cause, others believe in environmental factors, and others believe strongly in a heredity of Autism. My little brother is a non-verbal autistic who is very low functioning. In the text it talks about facilitated communication and the errors behind it. I have personally seen this in my life with my brother when we try to guess what he wants from us and we believe he is asking us for what we want him to ask us. Unknowingly, these biases confuse communication even further between my brother and myself. The hope that my family and I have of knowing exactly what my brother needs overshadows the effectiveness of the communication itself, resulting in mistakes. Personally, I strongly believe vaccines played a large role in my brother's autism. We saw a huge change in his behavior immediately after he received them from a healthy happy baby to one demonstrating autistic characteristics. However, environment and genes play a large role in it, too. To which extent, I am unsure of.
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