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Sometimes it is strange that you have the memory of having done something but the truth is that it has never happened. Recently, a group of Germany scientists announced that people usually are tricked by their own brain. They did the experiment which is generallhy about showing videos to the audience and the later ask them about the phenomenon that they have seen. For some of the people, they are asked to do some specific actions which were recorded in the video. Though they are reminded that some of the scenes may be misleading. To their surprise, most of the experimentors adimitted about what they have seen as they truly did those. Ii t has already been a kind of intensive memory o people's minds based on what they have seen visually.
After the experiment, they kin o got the idea that people's memory is not always reliable. Sometimes it is necessary to be skeptical about what you have seen and remembered. They tend to believe that this kind of system in the body is kind of imitation. People are potentially imitating about what they are seeing around them and have the ability to imitate in the memory. It is truly a double edged sword that you can be skeptical and questioning as well as believing in yourself.

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