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After the semester learning about psychology, I think the most impressive part may be the Oedipus complex. I think I will remember it at least five years from now. The term oedipus complex generally means the concentrate upon a boy's desire to sexually poccess his mother and kill his father.Also the oedipus complex occurs during the third stage of the development process which is called the phallic stage. It usually occurs to the children who are three to six years old and also during the formation of the ego. Thinking back to my childhood, I can feel a little bit of my thought about the issue. Actually, it proves that it is true. I am so amazed that children can develop those kind of thoughts in such a young age. While Sigmund Frued proposed that the Oedipus complex is psychologically universal, he generated the Fruedian psychology as well as the treating method. All in all, Frued contributed so much to the area of psychology and we should always memorize his contributions and great discoveries as well.

While thinking about Freud Sigmund, there are so many voices about this character. Freud was one of the first scientists to make serious research of the mind and at the same time, he collects so many statistics which helped him a lot building his theories. He did a lot of research and experiments on how we think as well as how we act towards specific issues. The method which he used was generally talking to people and analyzing their ideas by listening to them. Later, he proposed his theories about the three parts of people's mind which are id, ego and superego. It is still widely accepted in today's people's minds and taught by universities to pass on the knowledge. Under the theory, superego acts like a restriction which helps control the id. Ego is more like a intermediate good which helps a lot balancing the portion between the id and superego. It provides us the first reaction to the reality and leaves us a direct imppression on things we see. During that period, he also proposed his own therapy theory but it is not using frequently any more for the reason that the time is long and also the success rate is hard to measure. There are so much to say about Freud but I think I should stop here. But his contributions to the area will never be forget and it will surly be passed on by generations.

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