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As we've all (hopefully) read about, the nature vs. nurture debate is not new to the world. In fact I believe most people, myself included, like to believe that the debate is over now-a-days. That events are the cause of both genetics AND environment. While the article I read supports this idea of nature and nurture, there are certain reactions to the article that amazingly point to a multitude of people that believe in one or the other. The article itself, found on and written by Jason Henry, goes into the safety of pit-bulls and how they could be taken off the "dangerous list". As stated before, Henry does explain how the safety of the breed is determined by both the breed itself and the environment the dog is in, though heavily leaning on the side that owners are at fault. Pit- bulls are in fact a potentially dangerous breed of dog due to the fact that aggression is what they were originally bred for. On the other hand many people believe that they are more dangerous than they really are due to their history and that they "look" mean. One man even went as far as to say "(Pit-bulls) are automatically vicious in the state of Ohio and that has been since 1987, from the day they are born, they are considered vicious." And even now there are severely strict rules for owning pit-bulls. Even the question of the breed coming off the "dangerous list" angers some people. This all seems a little overdone to me. It is my belief that dogs are a product of their owners, if the owners have bad intent, the dogs learn and copy becoming vicious. Now, weather the dog is more likely to become vicious is a question of the breed and its history namely, I think the pit-bull is a more likely breed to become vicious if put under stressful circumstances.
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