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According to Diana Baumrind, there are three major parenting styles that parents typically adhere to, each resulting in different effects on children. Those being: authoritarian, authoritative, and permissive. Oftentimes a fourth category (uninvolved parenting) is added for those parents who tend to neglect their children's emotional needs while barely meeting their physical needs. Authoritarian parents typically have strict rules that a child has to follow without question or risk being punished. Permissive parents are typically lenient and don't have strict rules or punishment at all. And authoritative parents are somewhere between authoritarian and permissive, being assertive and having rules but being more forgiving than punishing.
I think it's safe to say that all parents lay somewhere on this scale from being overbearing to not being there at all though I think it would be difficult to determine how this affects the children as all children differ and gain from different circumstances. Personally my parents are both on a different part of the scale, my mother being between authoritarian and authoritative (authoritarian-ative: my own twist on the words) and my father being between authoritative and permissive. The effects of their combined parenting have led to three very different fully functional children (my two older brothers and I) so I find it hard to believe that this article puts things so simply in terms of the results of specific types of parenting being specific types of children. "Permissive parenting often results in children who... are more likely to experience problems with authority and tend to perform poorly in school." Honestly who's to say what parenting style is perfect?

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