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Super Human Senses

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Did you know that dogs have much better hearing and smelling senses than humans do?

Dogs have much better hearing than humans do but it is only their second most developed sense that they have behind their hearing ability. There hearing is much sharper than humans and they can hear at much better frequencies than humans. Dogs hear sounds than many humans can never hear because of how much better hearing they have.

Just like humans dogs may become more deaf as they age. The hearing ability differs between the breed of the dog but all dogs have much better hearing than humans. A lot of sounds that may be very loud to humans can be so much louder for dogs that it scares them away.

When dogs hear a sound their ears move in the direction of the sound, in order to hear it much better. In order to control the movement of their ears they are controlled by at least 18 muscles that are located in the ear. The upright and curve of many dogs ears allows to amplify the sound that they are hearing. When in the wild dogs use their superior hearing to find and locate food.


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