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Chapter 16 focuses on the application of many of the psychological studies in real life through multiple kinds of treatments. While previous chapters mostly focused on the studies of different psychological theories or figures, this topic talks about the applicability of such topics and how they are used to directly help people today. Topics range from the Freud's impact on modern day psychodynamic therapy to differences to how the therapy procedure works as a whole.

A topic that especially caught my eye was the mention of the Dodo Bird Verdict. This postulates that the type of therapy used on patients doesn't affect the outcome; rather, all forms of therapy are almost equally beneficial merely due to their common traits like the presence of someone to confide in and the close relationship between the patient and the therapist. While this may intuitively seem wrong due to the idea that different mental disorders must also require as different treatments, many studies and data seem to support such a conclusion.

However, regardless of whether this verdict is true, theories like these show that psychology is an ever-expanding and always-fascinating field, with results that frequently diverge from the expected.

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