Minnesota Unemployment As Of December 2010:

The Minnesota unemployment rate edged up to 7.1% in December of 2010 ending the year below the national average but much higher than neighbors to the west South Dakota (4.5%) and North Dakota (3.0%). Fortunate for those seeking Minnesota unemployment benefits the state with a great quality of life also has a great safety net.

Minnesota Unemployment Benefits Administration: Applying for Minnesota unemployment benefits cannot be easier. If a resident of Minnesota is laid off they can apply for unemployment over the phone, via the MNUI.org website. In addition to providing easy ways to apply, applicants can apply for unemployment benefits in multiple languages. English, Spanish, Hmong and Somali language instructions and applications are provided. The state maximum unemployment benefit is $578.00 per week but that is $30,056 per year which for someone not working is quite a generous benefit. After an employee applies for unemployment benefits they will receive a password notification letter with further instructions on how and when to report benefit payments. The applicant will also receive a handbook with information on frequently asked questions and an estimate of benefits. The State Of Minnesota tries very hard to make the application for benefits, the reporting of income and the provision of any possible information

Minnesota Unemployment Benefits Extended: Due to the passing of a bill that moved the Emergency Unemployment Compensation to the end of 2011 means that anyone who runs out of regular unemployment insurance benefits is eligible to move on to phases beyond the normal length of unemployment benefits. There are two additional tiers one can move to when unemployment benefits are extended.

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