Having a Baby and Finding Baby Names

Since finding out we're pregnant, I have to say we're really excited and are already making plans and working on preparations. On the way home from our doctor's appointment today, we even stopped and picked up our first books of baby names.

Though we don't know yet whether the baby will be a boy or girl, and probably won't find out until he or she is born, we're picking out names for each. My wife likes the idea of picking a name that would be okay for a girl or boy, but I'm not sure about that yet. I feel like it's important to match the baby's name to his or her identity and that we'll know the right name for sure when he or she is born. That's why I like the idea of picking out several names for each sex and deciding after the birth.

Nonetheless, we've had a lot of fun sitting on the couch and pouring through the books of baby names. We bought two books so that we could look through them at the same time, taking turns calling out names. Sometimes, I don't know how we'll ever decide when there's so many names to choose from! Luckily, we tend to agree on many of the names that we like. We really like modern sounding names that are slightly out of the ordinary. I've been fascinated reading about the origins of the names, as well. It's really interesting to think about how much meaning goes into a name and how that can potentially shape a child. Ideally, we'll strike a balance by finding a name that is both unique and classic. It will be a name that people recognize but that also isn't used too frequently.

Of course, we've also had people suggesting baby names to us since the moment we first started telling people that we're pregnant. I appreciate the help, but none of their suggestions have really stuck yet. All of the names have been too common or too bizarre, with nothing landing quite in the middle. Fortunately, we've got about eight more months to decide on the perfect name for a little girl or boy. Hopefully we won't need all eight months, though. I have the feeling that when we come across the perfect name, we'll know right away. (maybe I'll just give him my name)

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