Just got diagnosed with Sleep Apnea

I used to be tired all the time. I always went to bed at a reasonable time, didn't watch TV or read before bed, avoided late night snacks, but I was still sleepy. Even in college, I would get plenty of sleep, but I would still feel exhausted. I always wondered why I was so tired.

My wife told me that I made weird noises when breathing at night, but I always snored so I thought nothing of it. It bothered her and kept her up at night. I believed that I slept well, but I decided to ask the doctor about it.

The doctor thought that it might be complex sleep apnea. I did not want to have a lot of tests done, but he said that diagnosing sleep apnea is fairly simple. I went in for a sleep study overnight, which was painless and easy. The doctor told me that he found that I stop breathing when I sleep. There are small pauses in my breathing, which I had never noticed because they did not interrupt my sleep.

Now, I sleep on my side and use a CPAP device, which is a facial mask to keep my airway open. I am waking up nicely rested for the first time in years! Tiredness is no longer a problem for me. I do not get drowsy during the day and I feel completely refreshed in the morning.

The treatment has made my wife happy, because she knows I am getting a full night's rest. She is not troubled by my snoring and she is able to sleep well too.

The diagnosis of sleep apnea has come at a perfect time, because we are pregnant and we want to get the best sleep possible. My wife does not have to worry about my sleep or my tiredness anymore. I am glad I was diagnosed with sleep apnea so that I can fix my sleep behavior and breathe normally again.

This pregnancy is exciting for both of us. We are looking forward to welcoming a new baby into the world. We feel thankful that we are both healthy.

I used to be worried that my wife was moody because of sleep deprivation caused by my acute sleep apnea, but I do not have to be concerned about that anymore. Now, she is moody because she is pregnant!

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