Raising Kids

I was thinking tonight about how expensive raising kids can be.

When they're young you buy diapers, and all sorts of expensive baby food. You need baby clothes for their growing bodies. And all that really ads up. When I was a kid, my parents saved a lot of money by purchasing re-usable diapers. The thought of re-using diapers is disgusting, but, let's be honest, if it's clean, it might just beat the alternative of spending tons of money to raise a baby.

But it's not just babies either. Kids grow quickly. They are expensive from birth to adulthood. And college will be the worst.


This whole baby thing is getting really scary. I feel like I'm already adding up the costs of four years at a good school. I'll have to buy him all sorts of crap like clothing, supplies and college textbooks. I pray that the internet has figured out a way to supply my soon-to-be child with cheap textbooks and a great college scholarship.

Thinking about this has made me wonder about my career choice recently. I've been wondering about looking into something a bit more stable, and with a higher income than what I do now. I'm thinking of going back to school for engineering. My wife is looking at possibly going into nursing. Since a nursing salary, just starting is out of control.

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