The Journey To Online Dinner Recipes

I hope I don't suck at being a father, as bad as I suck at cooking. I didn't know when I told my wife that I would take on the cooking responsibility that it would be this difficult. In college, cooking was a breeze and consists of frozen pizzas and junk food. She has to eat healthy, because now she is eating for two and I want both of them to be healthy.

Needless, to say "my life has changed"...but hey. that is a good thing. Along, with my cooking responsibilities was the realization that I should make a grocery list of the things I need. Case in point, I thought I would make a nice supper of roast with rice and green beans. I let the roast cook all day and proudly it was tender and mouthwatering when I removed it from the oven. The green beans were ready and I was hungry. I then go into the cabinet to retrieve the rice and there isn't any. WHAT? I then had to go out to the grocery store and pick up rice...lesson learned. Also, there are some helpful tips that I needed my wife to tell, guys just don't get these things.

Lesson two....drain the grease from the hamburger meat when cooking spaghetti. That spaghetti sure turned out greasy....disaster! And could somebody please tell me what is a pinch of salt? I have over salted the peas, the beans, the corn and just about anything that might need to be salted. The old saying, "a watched pot never boils" may be true but I have a new one "a unwatched pot boils over." Anything that said to bring to a boil...over the top of the pot it goes and all over the stove top.

I'm surprised I haven't burned the whole house down. I have set the smoke alarm off a time or two. I have finally learned these tricks that I my wife obviously thought that I should already known. I am hoping to get better at cooking. Here I am, turning into Minnesota's very own Mr. Mom. Instead of searching the internet for sport scores, you can find me looking for dinner recipes. And you know what, great information about dinner ideas can be found on the internet. I have found some awesome websites that have great dinner recipes with step by step instructions and helpful reviews! Great!

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