Server Colocation

I had to look for a server for my business recently, and it was quite the ordeal. So I wrote up this little article to help you do the same. Finding enterprise level servers is hard, hopefully this article helps you find a good, cheap solution to find a server for your well trafficked site. The beauty of the company i now host with is that they use server colocation, which is an awesome, cheap way to host a site with more traffic than traditional servers can handle. Read more about it here.

When looking for a hosting vendor, you should seek a partner and leader in the cloud-computing business. Such a firm should offer you top-quality hosted services such as Microsoft Exchange, OCS, SharePoint and CRM, as well as Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and Web hosting solutions.

The ideal Cloud Solutions Provider should make no compromise in the use of advanced technologies. For example, look for one that utilized high-performance Dell PowerEdge servers and Hyper-V virtualization to host all your virtual systems.

For Virtual Private Server solutions, other users and their actions will have no effect whatsoever on your service. Each virtual server is independent, which means full isolation, full speed, and guaranteed resources and performance.

You need to be able to upgrade your system's resources instantly anywhere, anytime. Increase your service plan to provide more resources such as storage, memory, and bandwidth, in real-time, without having to worry about downtime.

Look for the following for enterprise quality and reliability.

  • Every critical component of the infrastructure has its own redundant counterpart.

  • Every bit of data is backed up using a dedicated continuous data backup system.

  • All servers are 64-bit servers, with multiple multi-core processors.

  • A Gigabit network ensuring high performance and fast transfers.

  • A network is monitored 24/7 by certified technicians.

  • All hardware sitting safely in a state of the art data center (preferrably Tier IV) with SAS 70 II certification.

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