Going on vacation to Lanzarote

Choosing Lanzarote Hotels for My Next Trip Over the course of the last three days, as soon as I've finished my classes at college, I've headed straight home to sit down in front of my computer to surf the internet, searching for information on Lanzarote and in particular, its hotels.

My good friend Robert, who studies with me at college has convinced me to go to Lanzarote next summer. Robert is the grandson of an emigrant LanzaroteƱo who came to live in the USA 70 years' ago. After I listened to all the histories of the island, I've begun my search on the internet for information on the island, together with details of is Lanzarote hotels .

Robert's grandfather has spent his life telling him of the beauty of this island, of its traditions, its lunar landscapes and beaches. He's also spoken to him about the destruction which was caused by the last volcanic eruption back in 1730 and the difficult economic conditions that the Lanzarote islanders were coping with when his family decided to emigrate.

I know for a fact that the Lanzarote of today is quite different. The island has a formidable tourist industry with more than 2 million tourists flooding annually into its numerous hotels. Our problem now is deciding exactly where to stay in Lanzarote, as there are more than 200 hotels dotted across the island.

Prior to actually choosing our hotel, we discussed the location. Robert's argument was that we should stay in a hotel in Costa Teguise, as his great-grandfather came from the actual village of Teguise and he was hoping to find some of his family there. I preferred a hotel in Playa Blanca, as this would be nearer the Timanfaya National Park, which is the main attraction on the island. Luckily, at CheapLanzaroteHotels.com, we found an excellent Lanzarote map which helped us immensely.

In the end, we've decided to stay in Puerto del Carmen. Puerto del Carmen is situated in the centre of Lanzarote and there are a wide variety of hotels to choose from. It will also be easier to explore the whole island from this base.

Now I'm just counting down the days until I get to Lanzarote.

Dinner with the Rich and Powerful

I went into New York this weekend. The nightlife in the city is incredible. But that's no surprise.

James MeiskinBefore going out to the clubs, though, I was in midtown where I went to see my good friend James Meiskin. Meiskin is one of those important people, you've probably never heard of. A good friend of the late Michael Jackson (which I guess, makes me one degree removed from the King of pop), Meiskin is a New York Commercial real estate broker who has been profiled everywhere, including the New York Times. He's been rated by numerous magazines in the city as a top 40 Commercial real estate broker,

A bit of a frenetic entrepreneur, James Meiskin's mind is always on his business, which is one reason I love to talk to him. He is always willing to give advice. I have enjoyed connecting with him on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networking sites. He's so interesting.

After dinner, we went out and and enjoyed ourselves at a midtown club where we had a few drinks. I love these brushes with the rich and famous (especially when they look like Jerry Seinfeld).

I'm Loving Football

I'm loving Football season this year. I've never been to a football game (save for my high school's football game). But I'm really learning to love the sport. I know it's not really a nightlife thing, but, frankly, with Sunday nights going late, and Monday Night Football running like it does, it ends up taking up a lot of my evenings. I guess you could say, there is no better place to experience Minnesota's nightlife this football season than on my couch at home.

Looking around I found a great little entry on the history of Football as well as a great list of football movies.

I have to say, it's the first season I've ever considered buying sports tickets. That's right, since leaving home, I haven't been to any type of sports game. I've only ever watched from home. Kind of sad, I know. But with all the excitement surrounding Brett Favre and the Vikings, I may actually consider going online to buy NFL tickets.

Gone ta' Broadway

I just got back from a business trip to New York. I met with some big brands, which was interesting, although I'm not sure what will come of it.

My business paid for me to purchase a pair of Wicked Tickets, which was awesome. I bought them from Discount Broadway Tickets which (full disclosure), is a site launched by some friends of mine.

While New York has tons of bars, clubs, and way more, I didn't have any time to explore them. But the show was amazing. The truth is, the show was so incredibly marvelous, I think I might even prefer it to "going out".

If you happen to be in New York anytime soon, jump on the opportunity to get some cheap wicked tickets, and get to the show before it fills up. Tickets go fast, so make sure to have yours 5-6 months in advance (unless you want to risk the lottery line).

Obligatory YouTube Video

RI Restaurants

I just got back from Rhode Island, where I ate some incredible food. The state provides tax incentives to graduates encouraging them to stick around and open restaurants. And since they have one of the best Culinary Schools in the world,(putting out people like Emeril) they end up with a ton of incredibly amazing restaurants. I have to say that RI Restaurants are 10 times better than Minneapolis restaurants, and comparable in price too.

Just a tip, if you find yourself in Providence, Rhode Island and want something nice and low-key, I loved Tortilla Flats. They have a giant picture of Steinbeck on the side, and the food is delicious.