Zompire Dracularius in Chi City

Come join Zompire Dracularius in Chicago. Just click here, and wish upon a star....
Zompire Dracularius

Little girly take all of Zompire Dracularius

Hey there little girly! Why don't you come down to the dairy with me and grab some lollies and a mince n cheese pie over here at Zompire Dracularius.

Zompire Dracularius

Zompire Dracularius - brother from another mother

Not really. Maybe though, i haven't asked her entire life story. Maybe she's got some dark, dark secrets she's holding

<a href="http://zompiredraculariuszompiredracularius.com/" target="_self">Zompire Dracularius</a>

Zompire Dracularius

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This blog should answer the question that has been plagueing man kind since its birth -

Zompire Dracularius - fact or non-fiction?

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