March 23, 2006

More thoughts on "Watching Babylon"

Just a few thoughts I jotted down. Could be something, or maybe nothing.

Thoughts on Mirzeoff’s argument

The SUV and Superstore encourages the act of moving along—in the car, we are constantly moving, and in the Superstore, we are encouraged to get in, get the lowest prices and get out, assembling the products bought there at home. We are moving along—constantly circulating. This is an important movement for Mirzeoff. Once inside the home, we are encouraged to look but keep moving because we no longer feel safe in our homes owing to the permeability of the screen. We know something is going on over there, but we don’t know what it is for we are inclined to constantly “keep moving?

Perhaps the initial movement associated with vernacular watching can be found in the space of the SUV and Superstore. What’s important for Mirzeoff is the next step regarding how we no longer feel safe within our own homes. Rather than focus on what we see before the screen regarding the war, we turn away, because the view makes us anxious about how insecure we really are.