August 12, 2009

Boot Camp 2009 Wk. 2 Wed.

Relevant Item 1

Technology support and instruction support is separate because of the student technology fee. Student tech. fees assure that instruction technology is supported otherwise it might get lost in general technology concerns. Web team is partially funded by student technology fees.

Relevant Item 2

6 or more credits $130 tech fees.
1-5 credits $65 tech fees.
all tech fees collected are returned ot student's major college.

IT Fellows get 32% of tech fees
Project dev. process 19%
College owned and maintained classrooms 11%
Full time staff 35%
Departments get 22% of tech fees.

Relevant Item 3

The departments (Ed. Psych, PSTL, KIN, C&I) have priority scheduling on computer classrooms (Peik 325, 355; Appleby 117, 128, 302) Marriuci Arena, labs because they pay 1/2 of hardware replacement costs. But, they are owned by the colleges and other faculty can schedule the classrooms. Various open hours by schedule. Work with Melissa M-W to get them scheduled. ???Peik 355 has a video recording area ???

June 2, 2008

Video Conferencing

One need that comes up among IT Fellows with some frequency is videoconferencing. Typical proposed solutions are Apple's iChat, the U's enterprise videoconferencing system, Second Life, Skype, and UMConnect. I just heard about an open source video conferencing solution being built on VLC called VLVC. There's no downloadable mac version right now, but windows and linux versions exist. As soon as those versions are stable, all the team needs to do is build a graphical interface for the mac version. It's mainly being developed as a school project as far as I can tell, so the going is slow. I look forward to a stable release.