Is it too early to start an application?

We regularly get asked if it's too early to start working on an application for admissions into our programs. Every summer we review our applications and make changes. This typically involves new essay questions, and slightly different information in the application itself. Right now we are working to finalize those changes for Fall 2010. We recognize that many of you want to get a head start on your application and get a feel for all the things that have to come together to get you admitted into the program.

So, I'd recommend looking over the application, reading through the essay questions, and start thinking about how you would answer those questions. Think about who you would like to use as your professional recommendations, and about your resume and if it needs any updates. Think about where you need to go to request your official transcript(s) and about how much prep time you will need to study for the GMAT.

If you give yourself a head start on the application, you will be that much more prepared to submit it when the deadline arrives.

To view or submit an application please visit:

-Tiffany Cork

Associate Director of Admissions and Recruiting

Full-Time and Part-Time Programs

Welcome to the Carlson MBA Blog!

Welcome to the Carlson School of Management's Admissions Blog.  This blog will serve to inform you of relevant ...too formal.  I've been told that this blog will be written in a manner less formal than a web page or official school letter.  So let me begin again.

You found it!  The new Carlson Admissions blog.  If you found this blog, you probably know what a blog is and don't need to be told its purpose.  So what's this blog about?
We, the Admissions team, will be writing blog posts regarding our recruiting activities, most commonly asked questions and perhaps other tidbits you may not know.  So this is really a content driven
effort to address items relating to admissions and recruiting.  We'll be self promoting too, i.e. our Twitter account, Facebook fan pages.  Good stuff, I promise.

As this is an introduction, I should continue the theme and describe the "We" in the paragraph above.  Who are the Admission people? What are they like? As one functioning unit, we work very well
together.  Operations makes up one group within the department, recruiting the other.  Some serve in both capacities.  So what you have here are people making sure that the admissions process runs smoothly, such as the online application, constant reporting, database development, and another focused on building and maintaining relationships with our MBA candidates, evaluating and voting on applications, planning and implementing recruitment events.  And we have no silos here, meaning one team manages all 3 MBA options, Executive, Full-Time, Part-Time.

Individually, we have a down to earth, well rounded, academically diverse group of people making admissions decisions.  One is a pretty good tennis player, another sings with her office door closed and is really quite good, one loves jazz and is surprisingly proficient at Dance Dance Revolution, another gardens and pridefully maintains herbs and tomatoes, one is an Olympic caliber swimmer and the tallest person in the office, another loves dogs and has decades of institutional knowledge, one makes awesome creme brulee french toast, another is short, short, short but full of life (literally) and one is head over heels in love with (html) style, colors and fonts.

When all is said and done, this group is very approachable and happy to speak to anyone that is interested in being a student in one of our MBA programs.  You'll see differing styles from each of our contributors but all singularly focused on admitting the best students anywhere.

Welcome to the Carlson Admissions blog.

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