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ideas for DF.

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I still am unsure of what exactly I would like to do for the Digital Focus project.
I would like to use photography in some way. Perhaps I make a stop motion with photographs or make a digital collage/photo self portrait. I am still trying to find ways to push myself further and try something new.

stop motion :
youtube link to an example of this process
I may do something conceptual with a spiritual aspect to filling a coffee mug daily.

Self portrait montage:
image found on the web -
I may do something were I take photo graphs, cut clippings out of magazines and use paint and scan into the computer to make the image. Make it a self portrait.

Collaborative Group Project - progress

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So far, we have discussed that each person in the group would be doing approximately two images each for the Art Display Case. We will make a winter-y background along the walls of the case that will compliment the imagery. There will be about 3 branches hanging by fish-wire to hold the shredded images on them. We may have full imagery that isn't shredded posted onto the background. We have discussed that we would meet further about the sizes during class - before we print. An example of what we are deciding to do is posted on my blog under Winter Remix. I have a mock up of the display case made.

As of before Spring break -

As a group, we finished our installation.
It took about a week to finish it. We each printed off a larger than 8X11 images that were placed in the back ground to add color over the repetitive black and white trees/copies.
We placed 3 tree branches with fishing wire from the top of the case that adds a 3-D appearance. Then the other smaller color imagery was stripped into pieces and placed on the bottom of the case, where we placed other shredded pieces of paper to add a "snow" look. As a group, we got it finished. Of course there were difficulties with people on getting the materials and the money situation figured out, but we got it done and the case looks great. Of course, it looks different from the mock-up I made, but it works! I am happy with the end result.

final image as of March 2011
final winter remix

group names

CopyWrong - 2 PDFs

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These are two PDFs made for this project.



CopyWrong - Appropriation

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1- Is this Fair Use of an image?
2- Did I break the law?
3- Did I remix or use a small enough portion of the original image to make this legal?
4- If I wanted to use this image in my portfolio or for commercial purposes, would I need to get permission?

What my understanding about this topic is that it is a very fine line between Fair Use and breaking the law. Fair Use means that an image or anything really is open to the public to use and appropriate into his or her own version of "art", whatever that may be. It is breaking the law when it hasn't been altered, Photoshoped, or changed completely from the original and used for commission. One can borrow imagery, but it has to be almost unrecognizable from the original to be safe.
My images from both of the Tweed examples have some that are safe and some that are considered 'breaking the law', because I didn't not alter it enough. I just changed the colors or moved things around which would be "stealing" (if I decide to sell it). Most of my images are safe because I incorporated my imagery into enough that one should tell where the appropriated image originated. The images that I do like enough to use in my portfolio would be safe where I wouldn't have to ask permission because the appropriated image isn't the main focus and is completely altered. I took in small portions in most of them that they would be fine to use. The ones that aren't I know because it is basically, entirely the same as the original.

Images Influenced by 2nd Choice Tweed

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This one is safe, may have to ask permission, but I completely changed this from the original. I don't believe I broke any laws.

This one I am unsure about. The man can be traced back to the original. I may have to ask permission before I ever sell it or do anything with it. Unsure.

This one I believe is border-lined. The trees and the man are both from the original, but I completely changed the image so much it would be hard to figure out the true identity of it.

This one I believe is safe. I have the image appropriated with a couple of mine. I took the trees and made it into wall paper. This one I believe is safe and not breaking any laws.

This one is also safe. I just used the texture from the original and laid it over my image. I don't think this is breaking the law.

Tweed Choice #2

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Mario Agusto Garcia Portela 
(Cuban, b. 1942)
El Autor y su Obra (The Artist and His Work)
ink and photographs on illustration board, 
20" x 26 1/2"
Gift of the Artist


I choose this image because of the old, historical aspect. It reminds me of some images that I have taken in the past. The landscape is very interesting and tells a story.

Seven Deadly Sins

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Smell incorporated into Art:
/7S/ is an olfactory installation of the Seven Deadly Sins by artist Nobi Shioya (aka Sacré Nobi) in collaboration with seven of today's top perfumers. The first installation of /7S/ took place in Cleveland, Ohio in January 2003.


Interactive Gaming

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I found that gaming has become more interactive lately. Xbox and Nintendo have created new systems that allow the player(s) to be more involved in the game. No longer do players have to hold a controller.
With the Wii games, players just have to stand on a device and hold a controller so that the system can recognize them playing, but technology has progressed past all that with the new Xbox where gamers don't have to do anything but stand in front of the systems camera box. It is amazing where the technology is moving - how it's evolving.
Artist have no ends to making new art and ways to make art come alive to everyone. These companies have made this fairly cheap so that everyone can get involved in this new wave of exercise and interactive gaming. This is very inspiring for me since I know that what I am learning can become more than what I know now, I can be apart of something bigger.

Xbox Kinect - Everything you need to know

Article from Goliath about gaming and exercise

Images influenced by Tweed

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This one is breaking the Copyright laws because it wasn't altered enough from the original. All I did was change the color and distorted it; not enough if I want to use it in my portfolio.

This image is about the earring - even though the image was taken from my sister's photographer. This one is safe when relation to the original image.

This is my image- it's about the idea of making jewelry. It's safe on the sense that the shapes of the original influenced the jewelry.

This one is not breaking any copy right laws because it's my own interpretation of the original.

This one was just to show the relationship between the shapes in the image and in the reality of the underground. I just added the colors into the image for the main piece.

Image from the Tweed Collection

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For the next assignment I am choosing to work with ...


Charles Joseph Biederman
(American, 1906 - 2004)
#7, New York
wood, metal, Plexiglas, paint, 66 3/4" x 81 1/4" x 15 1/2"
Gift of Lydia E. and Raymond F. Hedin

I choose this image by Charles Joseph Biederman because it was abstract and playful. The circular shapes and forms will be interesting to alter and change. It reminded me at first of a album cover; the shapes look like CDs. I also think the color palette is simple and easy to work with.

About Ava

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I am a Digital Arts and Photography major at the University of Minnesota Duluth. I am graduating Spring 2011.This is course work from my 2Digital Studio 2.

to view some photography I have done, here is my Flickr site:


Winter Remix Project: work/imagery

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Our first project was about remixing winter images and creating new imagery from collaborating others in the class. With this project we will make a group installation piece.

the link to photo gallery_ 2D2 Spring 2011:


here is a mock up for the project:


As a group, we are trying to collaborate each others strengths and similar elements into the installation. Our project will focus on winter and trees in an abstract way. All of us are excited to make this fun and new. Neither one of us have ever done an installation and are doing our best to work together. We have completed a mock up built in Photoshop so far that some what resembles our idea. We will meet accordingly to get the rest built.

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