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So far, we have discussed that each person in the group would be doing approximately two images each for the Art Display Case. We will make a winter-y background along the walls of the case that will compliment the imagery. There will be about 3 branches hanging by fish-wire to hold the shredded images on them. We may have full imagery that isn't shredded posted onto the background. We have discussed that we would meet further about the sizes during class - before we print. An example of what we are deciding to do is posted on my blog under Winter Remix. I have a mock up of the display case made.

As of before Spring break -

As a group, we finished our installation.
It took about a week to finish it. We each printed off a larger than 8X11 images that were placed in the back ground to add color over the repetitive black and white trees/copies.
We placed 3 tree branches with fishing wire from the top of the case that adds a 3-D appearance. Then the other smaller color imagery was stripped into pieces and placed on the bottom of the case, where we placed other shredded pieces of paper to add a "snow" look. As a group, we got it finished. Of course there were difficulties with people on getting the materials and the money situation figured out, but we got it done and the case looks great. Of course, it looks different from the mock-up I made, but it works! I am happy with the end result.

final image as of March 2011
final winter remix

group names

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