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I found that gaming has become more interactive lately. Xbox and Nintendo have created new systems that allow the player(s) to be more involved in the game. No longer do players have to hold a controller.
With the Wii games, players just have to stand on a device and hold a controller so that the system can recognize them playing, but technology has progressed past all that with the new Xbox where gamers don't have to do anything but stand in front of the systems camera box. It is amazing where the technology is moving - how it's evolving.
Artist have no ends to making new art and ways to make art come alive to everyone. These companies have made this fairly cheap so that everyone can get involved in this new wave of exercise and interactive gaming. This is very inspiring for me since I know that what I am learning can become more than what I know now, I can be apart of something bigger.>1=LKVR5&FORM=LKVR
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