Critique 1

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For our first class critique, my group was very supportive and suggested that I use text of some sort on all of my collages to make them cohesive. I felt comfortable about my black and white piece and had questions about my blue one - on how to push it. They thought I could add large font sizes on top that describes certain art/artists that I admire. For my 3rd collage, I was thinking about doing contour drawing and overlaying the original image. For the text, I would scan in my own handwriting to keep it flowing.
That was all we basically discussed about my images. Also we talked about using the boxes like a book and laying them on their sides when displayed. Maybe letting one object that resembles myself inside. Those objects still need to be determined.

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Your black and white collage is GREAT! It'll be nice to see it once it's on the box and the text is finished. The blue one worries me a litle because your face is such a dark blue that it's hard to tell it's a photo, but I don't know if thats something that's really important to you (if it is I'm sure you can just up the exposure a little in photoshop, and if not it'll be fine either way I think). Otherwise, it looks like your project is coming along really well!

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