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Since last critique, I have worked on making collages. So far, I have made 2. I plan on making at least 2 more depending on how my first ones go. Materials I used: magazines, glue, water color, newspaper, acrylic paint, and digital photography. I am scanning them in and altering them in Photoshop.
what I have done so far...
1. self_002.jpg
2. self_004.jpg


As we talked about in class on Tuesday, I think that you should add text to every image just to make it unified. I like the first image you made and I do agree that the second image could use a bit more. I think if you added some type of text to it though it would really add a lot to the piece. The words could be things you think of when you look at this image or what it means to you. If you don't want the text to be too overpowering you could make it the color of the background so it's more faint and just looks like a texture.

I like the images you have created so far. In class you had the originals before you scanned them into the computer and I like the texture of them with the layered paper. I think the text you are adding to the skin of the camera picture would be good and if you change to opacity on the text it could blend more into the background.

I like the progress you have already made! I also think that adding text will help to expand and unify the pieces even further. I'm excited to see the finished series!

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