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Critique 5

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Today was the Final. It went well. I am happy with my final piece, but there were a few suggestions to making it better.
I could add credits at the end.
Sounds with camera effects, my voice describing my piece and sounds that the imagery would have.
I could use it for my own website.

Digital Focus Final Reflection

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Project Focus / Title: Camera Works

Media: Collage materials: Paint, papers and text. Photoshop and iMovie.

Size + Format: approx 11 images made in Photoshop into a 1:18:20 long clip.

What conceptual ideas or thematic subjects did you investigate with
this project: I was exploring my photography and myself in my Digital Focus project. I wanted to push myself further by making an animation. I enjoyed working with my collages and transforming them from handmade pieces into digital pieces.

Describe your work process on these finished pieces : I began this project by making my collages by hand with papers, paints, pens and similar materials. I was going to montage these collages onto boxes, but as time went on, I started to play with the idea of combining my handmade collages and my digital skills in Photoshop. I moved away from the crafted side and make it all on the computer. I even considered making a projection of my imagery. Instead I made a short animation of my images and made a self portrait of me with my camera and photography. When problems did arise, I asked for help from friends and my teacher. I listened to what people had to say in the critiques. I liked how the project turned out and I would like to eventually add sound, but unfortunately I don't have the sounds I want. I also learned how to make an animation in Photoshop, which is a great tool.

Evaluate the success of the final craft of your finished project: I believe since I tried new things and learned more about certain programs and developed my idea from just paper into an animation, I think I did a good job.

Describe how you would ideally present or share this work with a
public audience: I would show the animation and describe the piece. I would share that most of my work is a reflection of me and how I am a photographer. I would introduce certain imagery that I used in the animation and also describe my process.

Describe how you would expand on this creative work if you were to
continue developing it: I would like to make more hand crafted pieces and plug them into the animation. Then project it on to a screen that has some scrap-booking papers on it, also I would then step in front of the projection of my self and have it reflect on me and then tape that and make that the short film.

2DSelfFINAL(web).mov(web format)

Critique 4

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Today I met with my teacher who helped me with my animation and suggested some ways to help this project more. I learned how to do things in Photoshop and iMovie. She suggested that I play with coming in and out of the images and the camera. Also, to change colors every now and then and zoom across the piece. All of this will play off the fact that it's about the camera and about taking photographs. So, with that advice and influence, I know how I am going to make this animation of myself and my camera.

are just a few of my images so far. I made approx 11 images and created more clips in iMovie from these jpegs.

Critique 3

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In critique today, I showed a short film and a few images that I have created for my final project. I started making a short piece with images that I created in Photoshop. I started to move the circles around a bit and my head back in forth in a sort of clicking motion. People suggested that I add more red circles around the face and have it move in a circular motion. Also, to try to cut the corner of my square image in the center of the image. People suggested that I make the animation less than 3min and longer than 30 sec. It was good feed-back cause I now have something to work with to make this better than it is now.

Critique 2

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I came to class with new ideas for the Final. I was trying out new ways of presenting my final with out using the boxes. I was thinking about perhaps making my collage more digital based instead and thought of doing a projection of my images onto a large screen. I got back good feed back about my image with the red circles. Someone suggested I try making it an animation or short movie. So, I am going to work with that I idea and adding a few of my images into the red circles.

progress on the D.F. (as of mid-April)

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As of now, I have changed my idea and thinking about making a little slideshow or Quick time movie of my portraits (which I will need some assistance in). So far I have been building on my last portrait that I made with the red circles.
Here is what I have done as of now...

you may not notice but the face with the camera is shifting and so are the bubbles. they move slightly in each image. I plan on making 12 total, right now i have 9.

Critique 1

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For our first class critique, my group was very supportive and suggested that I use text of some sort on all of my collages to make them cohesive. I felt comfortable about my black and white piece and had questions about my blue one - on how to push it. They thought I could add large font sizes on top that describes certain art/artists that I admire. For my 3rd collage, I was thinking about doing contour drawing and overlaying the original image. For the text, I would scan in my own handwriting to keep it flowing.
That was all we basically discussed about my images. Also we talked about using the boxes like a book and laying them on their sides when displayed. Maybe letting one object that resembles myself inside. Those objects still need to be determined.

D.F. update


Since last critique, I have worked on making collages. So far, I have made 2. I plan on making at least 2 more depending on how my first ones go. Materials I used: magazines, glue, water color, newspaper, acrylic paint, and digital photography. I am scanning them in and altering them in Photoshop.
what I have done so far...
1. self_002.jpg
2. self_004.jpg

Digital Focus project

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So far, I have bought matte mod-podge that will be used to place paper onto the wooden boxes that I have bought so far. I have magazines and papers collected also. To start, I will first do little postcard sizes before I work up to the boxes. I got 2 of the 3 boxes at an antique store and the 3rd at Micheal's. The project itself will be imagery collaged together to create a self portrait.

images that i found inspirational -

I usually experiment with self-exploration and abstraction
this was a photo from Photo 2.
self exploration
this was an image from Photo 3.
AvaGrendahl2Spring2010, spine.jpg
this image was done in 2D, self collaged portrait
April Gottung, photographer and digital artist. Her collages inspired me to try this project.
collage1April.jpg collage2April.jpg
Found this image online a few weeks ago. Also sparked my interest in collage.
103900_3_468 copy.jpg
Found artist, Derek Gores
derrek-gores-recycled-magazines-collage-art-1_2Th8t_11446 copy.jpg
link :
Another couple of images.
this one by (William) Bil Donovan
collage-salon-mag copy.jpg
ccf11122010_00005 copy.jpg

Chuck Close also does similar drawings and work.
So does Michelle Caplan
link :
Another artist that works with boxes is Joseph Cornell. He makes his art on the outside of the box and even works with the relationship with the inside.
link :

ideas for DF.

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I still am unsure of what exactly I would like to do for the Digital Focus project.
I would like to use photography in some way. Perhaps I make a stop motion with photographs or make a digital collage/photo self portrait. I am still trying to find ways to push myself further and try something new.

stop motion :
youtube link to an example of this process
I may do something conceptual with a spiritual aspect to filling a coffee mug daily.

Self portrait montage:
image found on the web -
I may do something were I take photo graphs, cut clippings out of magazines and use paint and scan into the computer to make the image. Make it a self portrait.

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