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Today was the Final. It went well. I am happy with my final piece, but there were a few suggestions to making it better.
I could add credits at the end.
Sounds with camera effects, my voice describing my piece and sounds that the imagery would have.
I could use it for my own website.

Digital Focus Final Reflection

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Project Focus / Title: Camera Works

Media: Collage materials: Paint, papers and text. Photoshop and iMovie.

Size + Format: approx 11 images made in Photoshop into a 1:18:20 long clip.

What conceptual ideas or thematic subjects did you investigate with
this project: I was exploring my photography and myself in my Digital Focus project. I wanted to push myself further by making an animation. I enjoyed working with my collages and transforming them from handmade pieces into digital pieces.

Describe your work process on these finished pieces : I began this project by making my collages by hand with papers, paints, pens and similar materials. I was going to montage these collages onto boxes, but as time went on, I started to play with the idea of combining my handmade collages and my digital skills in Photoshop. I moved away from the crafted side and make it all on the computer. I even considered making a projection of my imagery. Instead I made a short animation of my images and made a self portrait of me with my camera and photography. When problems did arise, I asked for help from friends and my teacher. I listened to what people had to say in the critiques. I liked how the project turned out and I would like to eventually add sound, but unfortunately I don't have the sounds I want. I also learned how to make an animation in Photoshop, which is a great tool.

Evaluate the success of the final craft of your finished project: I believe since I tried new things and learned more about certain programs and developed my idea from just paper into an animation, I think I did a good job.

Describe how you would ideally present or share this work with a
public audience: I would show the animation and describe the piece. I would share that most of my work is a reflection of me and how I am a photographer. I would introduce certain imagery that I used in the animation and also describe my process.

Describe how you would expand on this creative work if you were to
continue developing it: I would like to make more hand crafted pieces and plug them into the animation. Then project it on to a screen that has some scrap-booking papers on it, also I would then step in front of the projection of my self and have it reflect on me and then tape that and make that the short film.

2DSelfFINAL(web).mov(web format)

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