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Who do you trust?

The Internet is huge. Not only are more American online than ever before, but there is more information located online, especially health information. More Americans are going online to get second or third opinions about their health issues, instead of relying solely on their doctor.

I personally do not think this is necessarily a bad thing- I have found a lot of good health information online. But how do you separate the good from the bad? What do you risk more, trusting your doctor or trusting the Internet- where anyone can post things?

I am not really sure what the answer for this is except to educate more consumers on how to spot a reliable health information website. I also do not know if trusting our doctors will help either. But I am sure that if more physicians took the time to explain all the options before the choice was made, it wouldn’t hurt. If patients were given more than 20 minutes with their physician, maybe a trusted relationship could grow and have positive results on our healthcare.


This is an interesting topic. I don't think info from the Internet is necessarily a bad thing either, and I agree that more education on how to recognize valid information would be good. I do think that the Internet should be a spring board used to help you talk to your doctor and not something that people use to self-diagnose.