Why computers have changed the writing process for the better

The use of technology has definitely changed the face of writing and its process.  The whole aspect of writing to has evolved into where writing anything out in a pencil or a pen almost feels unnatural.  The only time I used my pencil for a class this year was either during tests or taking notes.  Every single draft or paper I have created on the computer from the beginning.  The last time I actually hand-wrote a paper more than a page that wasn't on a test would have been sometime in middle school.  It so far back I can only vividly remember anything of the sort.  Hand writing papers has almost turned into a foreign language and I do not ever think I will be able to transition back into being able to transition back into being able to write multiple page papers without my "handy dandy" laptop and its convenient word processing.  I'm not sure if everyone else feels the same, but I feel like my best writing is done on my computer due to the fact that it's so fast and can keep up with my thoughts.  It is also easier when it comes to the editing of the paper because it's a lot easier to be able to switch things around and move around even whole sentences on the computer.  When it comes to hand written papers it's just a bunch of scribbles, which can really be hard to tell what they even are.  And another reason hand written papers are useless is because how many teachers are ever going to ask for a hand written paper nowadays?  It won't ever happen so it makes much more sense to start on the computer right away.

Another reason I am very pleased with the invention of word processing is that it gives me the opportunity to have a nice legible writing font.  I for one don't have the greatest handwriting and the computer gives me an opportunity to be on an even playing field with everyone else and can hand in a great looking paper.  Word processing gives messy hand writers the chance to transform their writing into very presentable material where people won't have to deal with their poor handwriting.  It eliminates the chance that anyone can blame their grade on how they write, because their font will be the same as everyone else.  Word processing has evolved writing, as we know it into a more efficient and fancier piece of literature.

I agree one hundred percent with Steven Johnson when he writes that his writing changed as he used the computer in his article, "How the Computer Changed My Writing".  It has changed the way I have become as a writer.  It has made me into more of a writer because I do not like to handwrite very much so the computer has made the whole writing situation easier where I can type everything up and not have to worry about getting a writers cramp and my poor handwriting.  Even though I never really grew up using a computer (our families first computer was purchased in 2000) it has changed the way I've been writing ever since I first started using it.  We had always taken typing classes when we were younger but when middle school rolled around and I got the chance to use word processing, my writing skills sky-rocketed.  Maybe it was just because I never enjoyed handwriting, but the computer really went and made me into a more confident and more skilled writer.  I encourage everyone to consider using word processing, as it will only continue to evolve.  Hopefully it can help improve your writing as much as it did for me!

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