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Web Search (due 10-22-2007)

1. College Blog -- "Abroad in Wales"

A University of South Dakota student is blogging about studying abroad in Wales. I like that she's calling the news as she experiences it -- for instance, the crowd of annoyed students after a rainy night's fire alarm. As a result of her clear and narrative voice, I am getting to know her new campus and the people who go there by way of blog. It is not news in the traditional sense, but still tells stories about a time and place.

2. Iraq Blog -- "A Star from Mosul"

A woman from Mosul, Iraq, writes about her experiences there. Some of it is about her personal life, and some of it is about what we see in the news. She comments on both of them, and it is the contrast that gripped me. One minute she talks about an explosion in a nearby neighborhood, and the next she talks about two kids in her life going to kindergarten.

"The situation in Mosul was very tense, a big explosion in Al-Sina3a neighborhood (Thursday, 11/10) resulted in fire which wasn't extinguished till Sunday. Relatives passing by the place said it was still smoking and that there were people loading their cars with things from the shops there, not sure if they are looters or the shop owners.
The neighborhood, as its name implies in Arabic, is an industrial one. Full of small shops for repairing cars and the like. ... Moving to another, pleasant subject: Aya and Ayman are doing great, especially after they started to attend the kindergarten together. Aya's almost treating Ayman like a mom, occasionally calling him habibi (love) and kissing and complementing him for his good behavior. Ayman on the other hand is getting naughty and breaks at least a thing a day."

The writing itself is very descriptive of the people and places she experiences. I highly recommend checking this out.