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My Vision

Hi friends! I'm glad that you have interest in being a part of starting this group at the U of MN! I'll share my vision for the group with you, and then turn it over to you guys - the first members - to help develop that idea.

My vision is to create a community for dressage and event riders at the U that will provide social and professional networking, education, university-level thought, and competitive opportunities. I forsee this happening by coordinated activites of club committees, meetings, events, and work with the CSDEA.

Social networking: Providing a way for UMN students interested in dressage and eventing to meet, and to attract potential UMN students to the college by providing this club

Professional networking: Using resources of members and of the CSDEA to connect dressage and event riders in the Twin Cities community; especially helpful for students that are new to the cities

Riding Education: Sponsoring clincs and/or lectures with area trainers, organizing lessons

Horse Husbandry: Sponsoring lectures by UMN professors and area 'experts' about topics in which the club members indicate interest (saddle fit, breeding, infectious diseases, etc)

University-Level Thought: Reviewing scientific articles concerning equine health and discussing their impact on the horse community at large, and encouraging intelligent thought independent of 'tradition'

Competitive Opportunites: There are two collegiate dressage competition bodies, the USDF Intercollegiate Member Organization (http://www.usdf.org/clubs/imo/) and Intercollegiate Dressage Association (http://www.teamdressage.com/).

As a registered student group, we receive certain benefits that will help us achieve our goals. For example, we can apply for funding, reserve rooms on campus for meetings, be publicly listed on the school site, and more. We can also consider applying for club sport status.

Please comment with other ideas and visions you have for this group!