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Organizing Our Club

A few committed people can get this club started fairly quickly. I've outlined some specific roles that we need to fill. Please volunteer for something that interests you, and if you would like to change or add a position or project, let me know! Roles marked with a star are necessary for this group to start.

Member Organization/Governing Body
*President - organize, guide, and encourage board members, register student group, write bylaws (which are then verified by members), perform other duties as necessary, including maintenance of this webpage
*Vice President - assist president, take initiatives on other projects
Secretary - arrange meeting rooms, send emails, maintain minutes, create and distribute meeting agendas; this may be filled by president or vice president if necessary
*Fundraising Head- apply for student group funding, lead members in organizing other fundraising opportunities (tshirts /sweatshirts), treasury duties (unless someone else would like treasury duties)
Social Chair - organize activites that allow members to get to know each other and network; this may be organizing food after a meeting, maintaining an online forum or website, or organizing a group outing related to the club

Education Committees
*Lecture Chair- determine topics of interest and book professors and other industry experts
Clinic Chair - find local clinics of interest, arrange auditing for members (paperwoork and carpool options), potentially arrange mounted clinics
*Journal Chair - find scientific articles for discussion, arrange and lead meetings

Competition Committees
IDA Liaison
USDF IMO Liaison

Both Liaisons will manage necessary paperwork to join these competitive groups, find required faculty sponsors/coaches, and organize shows. There are not many dressage shows in our region, but Liasons will be in charge of contacting and encouraging other schools to start groups, and working with Crookston to start a dressage group and host shows. As this sector grows, Liasons will be assisted by other members that take on responsibilities organizing shows.

Please don't be nervous about jumping right in! I can help and answer questions every step of the way (I started the Equestrian Team at the U back in the day), and the work load right now is small because the club is small. As it grows, additional members will be here to help!

I am taking on roles of President (unless there are objections) and Journal Chair. Comment below to indicate your interest in a certain role or project, or email me at gril0024@umn.edu.