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Projected Timeline/YOUR Action

Your Due Dates

Wednesday, Feb 4th
: email or post your desired involvement/postition/project

Friday, February 6th: expect to have an email from me confirming your role, answering any questions, and guiding you to relevant websites/information

Friday, February 13th:
Board members meet to discuss progress, vision, and methods for execution, plan kick-off event, apply for funding, advertise and promote club

Exact dates are subject to change, but will fall within this general region
Club Timeline:
February 9th - Bylaws completed and student group registered
February 13th - First meeting with board members; review of grant application with Fundraising Head
February 18th - Grant Application DUE for kick-off event funding
February 25th - Journal Club Meeting

March 20-ish - Kick-Off Event - lecturer, food, general meeting, etc
March 25th - Journal Club Meeting

General Meeting
Board Meeting
Journal Club
CSDEA clinic audit

General Meeting
Board Meeting
Journal Club
CSDEA Volunteer op.

Summer Events for In-Towners
CSDEA volunteer
Journal Club
Social Events
Board Meeting prep for Fall