February 1, 2009

Projected Timeline/YOUR Action

Your Due Dates

Wednesday, Feb 4th
: email or post your desired involvement/postition/project

Friday, February 6th: expect to have an email from me confirming your role, answering any questions, and guiding you to relevant websites/information

Friday, February 13th:
Board members meet to discuss progress, vision, and methods for execution, plan kick-off event, apply for funding, advertise and promote club

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Organizing Our Club

A few committed people can get this club started fairly quickly. I've outlined some specific roles that we need to fill. Please volunteer for something that interests you, and if you would like to change or add a position or project, let me know! Roles marked with a star are necessary for this group to start.

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My Vision

Hi friends! I'm glad that you have interest in being a part of starting this group at the U of MN! I'll share my vision for the group with you, and then turn it over to you guys - the first members - to help develop that idea.

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