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Peanut Company Knew More Than They Let On

The peanut company linked to the recent salmonella outbreaks may have known about the contamination before their products were shipped.
According to the Pioneer Press, Peanut Corp. knowingly shipped contaminated peanut butter a total of 12 times over the past two years.
Health inspectors reported roach sightings, a leaky roof and mold amidst other health violations at the Georgia plant, reported the Star Tribune.
Peanut Corp. has now issued a recall that includes all peanut products manufactured since Jan. 1, 2007, which affects over a hundred different products ranging from ice cream to dog biscuits.
A lawyer who has been filing lawsuits against food companies for over 15 years said that he's never seen anything like it, while the peanut industry's trade group is also shocked.
“This apparent failure to follow food safety regulations must be condemned in the strongest possible terms.? Patrick Archer, the president of the American Peanut Council, told the Star Tribune in a statement.
Overall, the salmonella outbreak has killed eight people across the country, including three in Minnesota, while sickening another 500.
Georgia's agriculture commissioner has called for a criminal investigation of the company, but the Food and Drug Administration said that such a step is premature while its own investigation continues.