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Colorado Man Threatens Obama, Mall of America

A Colorado native has been indicted on charges that he threatened to kill President Barack Obama and blow up the Mall of America.
A warrant was issued Tuesday for the arrest of Timothy Ryan Gutierrez, 20, from Cortez, Colorado. According to the Star Tribune, Gutierrez sent an email to the FBI eight days before the presidential inauguration that said, “ I'm going to assassinate the new president of the United States of America. PS you have 48 hours to stop it from happening."
Federal court documents say that Gutierrez also emailed a threat against the Mall of America.
In the second email, Gutierrez said, “"I have rigged 40 pounds of C4 ... and my favorite TNT to 7 cars outside the Mall of America."
The Mall of America was allowed to open for business after authorities spent 16 to 18 hours searching the complex and determined the threat wasn't significant.
Gutierrez proceeded to turn himself in Thursday at the Durango office of the FBI in Colorado and is being held without bond, the Associated Press later reported.
Police say he will be charged with one count of transmission of threats and one count of falsely threatening to use explosives.